Discover Hardwire Kit for Dashcam Power Connection

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Why it's a must-have:

 Advanced battery drain prevention protects your car's battery

 Compatible for both 12v and 24v vehicle batteries

 Suitable for all dashcams with a mini USB connection

 Security for your car even when it's switched off

 Protects your device from electrical faults

 6 Month replacement warranty



The Discover Hardwire Kit connects your dashcam directly to your cars battery, providing extended operation long after the vehicle is switched off and allowing you to utilize additional features such as motion detection and parking surveillance modes. Now you can get the most out of your camera and secure your car for longer. Acting as a battery discharge prevention device, the Discover Hardwire Kit monitors your car battery voltage and automatically cuts off power to the dash camera if the car battery drops to a set voltage.

The kit can simply be connected to your cars fuse box. The Discover Hardwire Kit offers additional protection to your dashcam preventing against short circuit and over current, over temperature protection and reverse polarity protection.

Although the Discover Hardwire Kit is easy to install at home, we do recommend it be installed by a certified auto electrician. It is important to make sure no cords on the hardwire kit or dashcam are cut or damaged during installation. Cuts and damage will void your warranty.

Hardwiring and aftermarket installation may void new car warranties and we recommend you check this with your manufacturer and dealer before installing, or altering your car. Installation of this product is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.



More details:

Low voltage protection parameter:

  • 12v - 11.6v (cut off)
  • 24v - 23.2v (cut off)

Voltage input: DC 12V 

Voltage output: DC 5V 1500mA 

Current output: 2 A (max) 

Cable length: Approx. 4m/13.12ft 

Port type: Mini USB 


In The Box:

1 x DVR 12V-24V to 5V Converter


Warranty & Shipping

Discover Dashcam Hardwire Kit Replacement Warranty:

The Discover Hardwire Kit comes with our 6-month replacement warranty. If your dashcam hardwire kit is or becomes faulty due to manufacturing issues we will replace it with a brand new kit completely free!



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